Terry Adams

Updated: Sep-05       Hometown: Stockton, CA      Aircraft: Thorp T18C     Engine: 13B 1986      Turbo:No     Plugs:Plugs Up     EFI:      PRSU:Ross     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:.3 hours running      Completion Year:1994     Comments:Down for rebuild

William Adkins

Updated: May-01       Hometown: Hampton, VA      Aircraft: Long-EZ     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Started 6 months ago      Completion Year:??     Comments:Building 3 13Bs from a number of junked angines. Fly fast, land slow

Charles Airesman

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Cumberland, Md.      Aircraft: Staggered seating Cozy     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Undecided     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:building      Completion Year:2002     Comments:

Geir Andersen

Updated: Sep-07       Hometown: Arlington       Aircraft: Murphy Elite      Engine: 13B N/A. Darrell Drummond built. Porting, cooling and oil return mods. Considering a p-port.      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Ross 2.85     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Firewall forward.undecided on std. or p-port intake.Engine,Rad,and oilcooler mounts done.Misc. plumbing and cowl mods in progress      Completion Year:2006     Comments:

John Andrich and Howie Lee

Updated: Jun-01       Hometown: Oxnard/Camarillo CA      Aircraft: Long EZ     Engine: 13B 4-PORT      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Cog Belt 2:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:fully constructed, including paint -- engine installation started but not yet complete; flown, but not with this rotary engine(lycosaurus 0-235).      Completion Year:2001     Comments:We would like to fly with a two blade 72-74in prop(what does anyone think of using a 3 bladed prop? What are the trade offs/efficiency/drag/etc) What pitch should we use??for climb?cruise above 12K' with 200 HP? Paul Lamar's braintrust is currently designing a variable pitch prop!!

Mike Arendt

Updated: Jan-01       Hometown: Canada      Aircraft:       Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Chrissi B and Randi

Updated: Sep-08       Hometown: St. Charles, MO      Aircraft: Cozy MK-IV     Engine: 13BREW Turbo By Bruce Turrentine      Turbo:TO4     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Building      Completion Year:??     Comments:See Website at www.CozyGirrrl.com

Ben Baltrusaitis

Updated: Jun-07       Hometown: Berwick      Aircraft: Acroduster Too     Engine: 20B      Turbo:no     Plugs:Considering Plugs Up     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Ready to rebuild the engine.      Completion Year:2009     Comments:

Christopher Barber

Updated: Jun-07       Hometown: Houston, TX      Aircraft: Velocity SE with Fixed Gear and Yoke option      Engine: 13B, Second Gen Turbo core w/ Street Porting.  N/A to start with option to add Turbo.  Mistral Intake.      Turbo:Will Probably follow John Slades lead w/ T04     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS B drive     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Major Fuselage work complete, Wiring per AeroElectrics Z-14 diagrams (dual battery/dual alternators). Starter cranked over engine for first time May 8, 2007 (my 46 birthday...wahoo)      Completion Year:2008??     Comments:Website at www.LoneStarVelocity.com

D. Barny Barnhart

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Wautoma, Wi      Aircraft: Murphy Super Rebel     Engine: 20B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Just started on Fuselage      Completion Year:2003     Comments:Building a bush plane, heavy on corrosion as floats possible. Looking for 300 hp. Will be going with Tom Kendall's intake manifold with six injectors and if his exhaust manifold works with what I have in mind, will be going that route.

Kristopher K. Barrett

Updated: Nov-01       Hometown:        Aircraft: Zenith 801     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Building Empenage      Completion Year:??     Comments:See website at http://www.geocities.com/threejaguar/ch801/ch801.index.html

Rich Bauer

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Spartanburg      Aircraft: Zenith CH-801     Engine: 180 hp rotary      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:n/a     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Planning/deciding      Completion Year:2002     Comments:Still working on the wings. No engine decision yet but the rotary is at the top of the list.

Herbert Boks

Updated: Sep-00       Hometown: Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands      Aircraft: Cozy MK IV     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Undecided     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2003-2005     Comments:email herbert@datamax.nl Building PH-CZY (Ch.9)

Chuck Brantley

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Las Vegas      Aircraft: Cozy MKIV     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Fred Breese

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: Louisville, KY      Aircraft: RV-6     Engine: 13B, 1986 with no special Mods      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1A     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Airframe basically complete, finishing canopy, installing systems      Completion Year:2003     Comments:Supplier of rotary engine mounts, engine mount plates, See our website at conversion concepts.com

Gordon Brown

Updated: May-08       Hometown: San Diego, CA      Aircraft: Skyfly C65-A     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Undecided but highly probable     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Just Starting      Completion Year:2013     Comments:

Mike Brown

Updated: Jul-04       Hometown: Liberty Lake, Wa      Aircraft: Osprey II     Engine: 13B, 1986 non-turbo fuel injected      Turbo:no     Plugs:Up     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:I bought the plane recently as an unfinished project.      Completion Year:2005     Comments:The airframe actually has about 150 hours on it, but the original owner scavenged much of the material for another project.

John Bullens

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Paint Lick, Kentucky      Aircraft: Currently Varieze plan to build or buy a 90% Long-EZ,     Engine:       Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:Depends on what is working best for the buck. couple of years from now.     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:gotta convence wife it is the thing to do.      Completion Year:??     Comments:My web address is http://www.geocities.com/capecanaveral/launchpad/9700/canard sign the guestbook.

Chane Burke

Updated: May-08       Hometown: Florence, AZ      Aircraft: Zenith CH801     Engine: 13B, 1988 Street port      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Rudder Complete      Completion Year:2010     Comments:May 2008: working on intake and waiting for the rest of 801 kit to get here.

Wade Bush

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: Osceola, IA - Will work for flying      Aircraft: Murphy Moose     Engine: 20b j-spec in gestation mode      Turbo:Undecided     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Tearing down the 20b for rebuild then its on to buy a Murphy Moose kit      Completion Year:2008/2009     Comments:

Brian D. Cain

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Grand Prairie, TX (Dallas/Ft.Worth area)      Aircraft: None. Automotive junkie, drag racer and experimental engine guy     Engine: 13B, 1988      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Haltech E6K      PRSU:n/a     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:Unknown     Comments:

Mike Callahan

Updated: Mar-02       Hometown: Birmingham, AL      Aircraft: Q200     Engine: 13B, '86 with no unusual mods      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Ross 2.17:1 (formerly Ron Gowan's)     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Working on both engine and airframe at this point. Converting from original O-200 to rotary will add about 70-80lbs and add 90hp. Plan to use P-51 style belly scoop to help with C/G.      Completion Year:200?     Comments:See my website at http://home.att.net/~micallahan/index.html

Todd Carrico

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Garland, TX      Aircraft: Cumfy (Four place Canard)     Engine: 13b, Periferal port      Turbo:No     Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2010     Comments:I am 30 years old, non-engineer, A/P

Dave Carter

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: Nederland, Texas      Aircraft: RV-6     Engine: Renisis, Was planning on RX-7 13B - now looking at RX-8 Renesis 13B - already put money down with Tracy for      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS - EC2      PRSU:RWS 2.85:1 PSRU     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Still working on quickbuild fuselage - installing wires to tail lights and elev trim cable before closing top aft fuselage      Completion Year:2005?     Comments:Have 1 Harrison A/C core from an old Chevy and need 1 more. Have one free used "dry powder" fire extinguisher bottle for an overflow/expansion tank. Have more e-mails and ideas than hardware, other than that!!

Gary Casey

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA      Aircraft: Glastar and dyno work     Engine: Subaru, also doing1 and 2 Rotor testing      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:I am doing electronic engine controls for 4, 6, 8 cyl piston and 1, 2, 3 rotor engines

Ron Castle

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Prescott Valley      Aircraft: ERACER 3 seater     Engine: 13B 6 port FI - EDI      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:Ross     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Engine Stand      Completion Year:2000     Comments:

Don Cavers

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Chase,Bc, Canada      Aircraft: Lancair 235     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Ellison dual carbs      PRSU:Ross     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:installed, not flown      Completion Year:2000     Comments:MSD Dual ignition

Ernest Christley

Updated: Jul-03       Hometown: Cary, NC      Aircraft: Dyke Delta, JD-2     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Undecided     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Undecidd      PRSU:Homebuilt      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:still in the airframe stage      Completion Year:2004     Comments:See his Website at http://home.nc.rr.com/deltabuilder

Andre Claassen

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: Paulpietersburg South Africa      Aircraft: Marabo Stork     Engine: 13b      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:microtech      PRSU:self made using gates powergrip gt 2     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:95% fin. only rad. plumming to do and a little work left on intake manifold.      Completion Year:2003     Comments:

Daniel Clark

Updated: Sep-03       Hometown:        Aircraft: RV-7     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Working on the Tail      Completion Year:Unknown     Comments:

Hans Conser

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Bozeman, Montana      Aircraft: Custom, 4-place helicopter     Engine: 13B or 20B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:Custon     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2005     Comments:I hope to develop and commercialize a 4 seat helicopter powered by a governed, intercooled rotary.

Bill Cooley

Updated: Jan-03       Hometown: York, PA      Aircraft: Acro Sport II     Engine: 13B, as per Tracy's book and newsletter, 12A front cover for mounting      Turbo:Nah. We're going for "low and slow!"     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:George Graham's Mazda welded in "2nd gear" approach     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:300 hrs out of 2500. 42 wing ribs, a tacked together fuselage and a pile of materials      Completion Year:2yrs after retirement     Comments:

Matthew Mike and Chris Cosman

Updated: Apr-07       Hometown: South Jordan, Utah      Aircraft: Cosman 2 'Windwalker'     Engine: 20B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS 2.17:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Working on flap/aileron mechanisms      Completion Year:2009     Comments:http://www.mk1studio.com/www.mk1studio.com/Aircraft.html - is the website

Larry Cox and Son-in-Law: Dan Baltrum

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Delta Junction, Alaska (150 mi. E. of Fairbanks)      Aircraft: Murphy Elite (hopefully on anphibs)     Engine: 13B ('76 six port) (will eventually need 180 hp. for anphibs)      Turbo:No     Plugs:Undecided     EFI:Not in the first installation, (but will be necessary on anphibs)      PRSU:Ross 2.85-1 (early model) (Prop - 4 bladed Warp Drive - grd. adj.)     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Finishing tail feathers - ready for wings      Completion Year:2002     Comments:Really excited about the 13B, the Murphy, and the Fly Rotary List Have gotten a great deal of help from Tracy Crooks manual, and from the guys on the 'Plugs Up List', especially Andy Venable, who has an installation in his Christavia MK IV, that we plan to use as a model.

Cameron Critchfield

Updated: Nov-08       Hometown: Oakley, ID      Aircraft: KR2S modified     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:Ross 2.17     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Fuselage, front and aft wing spars complete, tail feathers almost done, working on controls      Completion Year:2009     Comments:currently rebuilding 582 grey head for my rans s12. been flying my cgs hawk. thinking about getting moni motor glider

David (Doc) Custer

Updated: Mar-07       Hometown: Westcliffe, CO (C08)      Aircraft: RV-9A     Engine: 13B      Turbo:N     Plugs:Standard     EFI:homebrew low pressure drip      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:working on fueselage and trying to build up the engine at the same time      Completion Year:??     Comments:I am offering slide throttle kits for p-ported engines. I will be offering Ed Anderson's fuel mixture indicator kit in the near future.

Bob Darrah

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Near Austin, TX      Aircraft: Seawind     Engine: 20B      Turbo:Single, pilot controlled     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Maricotti, 2.4:1 possibly      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Installing the Engine Controller      Completion Year:Estimated 2 years ago. But no end in sight yet!     Comments:Also interested in an affordable glass cockpit. Progress is currently slowed by water pump, intake, and exhaust decisions.

Frank Davis

Updated: Jul-00       Hometown: Minden, NV      Aircraft: Mustang II     Engine: 13B, 1987      Turbo:No     Plugs:Up     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Engine purchased, awaiting rebuild. Many years to go.      Completion Year:2003     Comments:Am planning change of aircraft project to Murphy Elite. My new location lends itself more to back-country than x-country flying. I will probably sell my partial Mustang II kit for a very reasonable price. I still plan on using the 13B

Greg Davis

Updated: Dec-00       Hometown:        Aircraft: RV-4     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

David Deffner

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Mexia, Tx. 40 mi E Waco      Aircraft: F1 Rocket (updated Harmon RocketII, QB)     Engine: 20B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:RWS?     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2001     Comments:

J. Brian Dempster

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Borden, Indiana      Aircraft: Cozy MK4     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Up     EFI:???      PRSU:PSRU To be built in my CNC shop.     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Planning/deciding      Completion Year:2003     Comments:A and P, IA, CNC shop Owner. www.cncshop.net When you need Quality in your Machined Product, contact us at; Quotes@cncshop.net

Harley Dixon

Updated: Feb-06       Hometown: Henrietta, NY (a few miles south of Rochester)      Aircraft: Long-EZ, N28 EZ ...built to the plans     Engine: O-235 currently...13b has been removed from the RX7. Will fly with the Lycosaurus until the Rotary is ready.      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:???      PRSU:Depends on what is the 'state-of-the-art' in a couple of years     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:As far as the Long EZ, all major construction is finished. Working slower than originally anticipated (medical problems, but improving). Filling is about finished, am priming and painting the plane. Then reinstall the hardware and fly it!      Completion Year:2006     Comments:You can see it at my website at www.agelesswings.com

Aristoteli Dorizas

Updated: Oct-08       Hometown: San Diego, CA      Aircraft: RV-4     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Thinking about it.      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Steven Doughty

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: Petersburg, MI      Aircraft: Wittman Tailwind W-10, Tri gear     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:      Comments:

Bob Earley

Updated: Mar-04       Hometown: Nashua, NH      Aircraft: Long EZ (widebody)     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Tracy's or maybe Ross     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Long way to go.....      Completion Year:2008     Comments:

Randy Echtinaw

Updated: May-05       Hometown: Nashville (S.W.) Michigan      Aircraft: Acro Sport 1 (my 3rd biplane)     Engine: Renisis Periforal Port      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Airframe to be completed in 2006 then engine install      Completion Year:2007     Comments:I have built 2 V-8 powered SkyBolts Looking for lighter, simpler, reliable engine

Jim Eggers

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Nashua, New Hampshire      Aircraft: RV-8     Engine: 13B at 200+hp      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:Either Marcotte or RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2002     Comments:

George Elliott

Updated: Apr-01       Hometown: Ottawa, Canada      Aircraft: Cyclone 180     Engine: 20B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Working on Airframe      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Scott Emery

Updated: Jul-06       Hometown: Seattle, WA      Aircraft: RV-8     Engine: 13B, HAYES Rotary built turbo engine with street port, ballanced rotors / shaft, enlarged oil nozzles, oil pellet, bypass, improved main bearing oil flow, teflon housing seals, and sleeved tension bolts. No oil metering pump. main bearing oil flow improved,      Turbo:Turbonetics 60-1     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS with Delco Coils and EM2 Monitor      PRSU:RWS RD-1B     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Ground Running!      Completion Year:Friday     Comments:Engine mount by Fred Breese. Lower intake casting by Paul Lamar. Catto prop. 321 stainless exhaust w/ underslung muffler. Custom 321 SS turbo manifold (mine) Engine and Reduction Gear on Fred Breese mount on airframe on gear. Battery goes in back EC2 in right lower baggage well. A few Pictures on www.EAA326.org under builders projects

Charlie England

Updated: Apr-03       Hometown: Jackson MS      Aircraft: RV-7     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Tail kit started      Completion Year:???     Comments:Hoping for a FWF package by the time I need an engine

Matt Evans

Updated: Jul-03       Hometown: Clearwater, FL      Aircraft: Long EZ     Engine: 13B 1988 - with Tension Bolt and Oil Bypass mods      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Fueslage      Completion Year:Summer 2004     Comments:http://mevans28.tripod.com/thelongez/id13.html

Peter Faithfull

Updated: May-03       Hometown: Melbourne Australia      Aircraft: Vision EX     Engine: 12A      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Undecided     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:R and D building aircraft and tinkering with Rotary Australian Race builders      Completion Year:2004     Comments:www.transat.com.au/vision

Al Fava

Updated: Feb-08       Hometown: Zephyrhills, FL      Aircraft: BD-4     Engine: 13B 2nd gen      Turbo:N     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS RD-1C      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Plane was flying with lycoming ,repowered to 13b It has started and i am working out some electric issues.      Completion Year:99 & 2008     Comments:

Doug Fir

Updated: Jun-04       Hometown: Komagane, Japan      Aircraft: Seawind     Engine: 20B      Turbo:yes, but don't know which one.     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:The plane is 30% finished      Completion Year:2005     Comments:I plan to complete it in the summer of 2005. The engine will run on ethanol and I plan to fly it around the world for a six month trip. I would like to know if their is anyone else making a similar plane out there.

Brian Fischer

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Prospect Hts. IL      Aircraft: Lancair 360     Engine:       Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2001     Comments:

Ed Fisler

Updated: Mar-02       Hometown: Mentor, Ohio      Aircraft: Midget Mustang     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Up     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:10 Percent      Completion Year:      Comments:Finished one Mustang already now flying with a Lyc O-235. Second airframe will be powered by a 13B. I will have the strech the fuselage about 10 inches to make CG work.

Robert Forbes

Updated: Mar-06       Hometown: Brasher Falls, NY      Aircraft: Bush Caddy L-164     Engine: Renisis      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:??      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:I'm about halfway there… I think      Completion Year:2005     Comments:

Jack Ford

Updated: May-05       Hometown: Deer Park, WA      Aircraft: COZY Mk IV     Engine: 13B      Turbo:??     Plugs:??     EFI:??      PRSU:??     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Just Starting      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Martin Forsberg

Updated: Nov-00       Hometown: Sweden      Aircraft: Undecided     Engine: rotory of course      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Thinking      Completion Year:??     Comments:Iwe been into rotaries for 17 years, in drag racing, street racing and circuit racing.I build, rebuild and make any modification needed to match the application of the engine. I have experience of 10A, 12A and 13B. W/wo turbo. 2 years ago a got my PPL, and today im planing some sort of home built aircraft. It will have a rotary engine, that's 4 shore !!

Archie Frangoudis

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Merrimack, NH      Aircraft: Undecided, S-16 or F1Rocket     Engine: 13B/Turbo or 20B/NA      Turbo:Undecided     Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:Undecided     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Contimplated      Completion Year:2002     Comments:

Robert Fritz

Updated: Apr-00       Hometown: San Mateo      Aircraft: RV-6 QB with tip-up     Engine: 13B 4 port with high compression rotors      Turbo:no     Plugs:up     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Wings complete with 2 x 100W fog lamps for landing lights,Tail complete, Fuselage 75% incl. seats, controls, electric flaps, dual brakes and rudder.      Completion Year:2000     Comments: N130BS (put the 1 and 3 close together...N BOBS can't believe nobody got that long ago) Instrument panel (IFR) under construction incl. Lift Reserver Indicator, RMI Micro Monitor and Encoder, MAC servos, autopilot, all plugged into a Control Vision Avionics board (Check it out!) Designed the panel on Autocad (PanelPlanner was NOT to scale) and sent it to a sheetmetal shop for laser cutting. Anybody want to have it done? Budget - hopefully this will be the only thing that is shot down in flames.

Barry Gardner

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Wheaton, IL (near Chicago)      Aircraft: Cozy/Aerocanard/Velocity     Engine: 13B , 1987      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:      EFI:Haltech      PRSU:planetary gear set     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2005     Comments:interested in DIY glass cockpit

Chris Gentry

Updated: May-01       Hometown: Near Hemet, Ca.      Aircraft: Grumman Cheetah, Dragonfly, Glasair Turbo Rotary     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2001     Comments:Thankful for ACRE and the valued inputs Recently sold glasair but is still putting a single-rotor in a dragonfly.

Ken Gillanders

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Fresno, CA      Aircraft: BD4     Engine: 13B 4port      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:PSRU Probably Tracy's or Marcotte if they have one avaliable     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Fuselage is 80% complete,      Completion Year:Mid 2002     Comments:Still need to do wings, control surfaces, engine etc.. I have learned so much from this site I can't imagine trying to take this on without this forum. I would like to see some standardization for the peripherals for non-engineer's like myself.

Brian Gochnauer

Updated: Jan-01       Hometown: Iowa      Aircraft: RV-6     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Lynn Gooch

Updated: Apr-04       Hometown:       Aircraft: Hughes TH-55     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Single     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Stock      PRSU:Belt     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Running, I still have some more wiring to do.      Completion Year:2004     Comments:I built one of the first RV-6's w/Lyc 180

Dick Gregory

Updated: Jan-03       Hometown: Spring, Tx      Aircraft: Long EZ     Engine: 13B      Turbo:N     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Ready to build engine mount      Completion Year:2003     Comments:The airplane has been flying with a Lycoming O320 for 17 years.

Wayne Hampel

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Huntsville, AL      Aircraft: RV-9A     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Not for Now     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1a     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Empenage Done, Starting QB kit      Completion Year:2003/4     Comments:I am looking for some help on an engine mount for the 9a and advice on other reliable peripherals to the engine. I have a brand new 13B with Tracy's PSRU.Constant speed electric 3-blade prop. Scratching my head over motor mounts and radiators. Having a blast.

Gary Hanscom

Updated: Aug-08       Hometown: Lee, NH      Aircraft: BD4B/C     Engine: 13B, Undecided about Mods      Turbo:Probably     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS probably      PRSU:RWS Probably     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:I am working on the shop first & making space, got too many cars I have to sell off.      Completion Year:Before my kids inherit it.     Comments:I have a Jodel Model 11D to recover & power it with an existing Lyc O-235, or sell the Lyc and go Rotary.

Jim Hassall

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Blacksburg VA (near Roanoke)      Aircraft: RV-6 Builder Wannabe     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:Undecided     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Contimplated      Completion Year:Sometime after I start     Comments:

Jerry Hay

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown:        Aircraft: Tailwind     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:Builds engine mounts for the tailwind.

Michael Haynes

Updated: Sep-05       Hometown: Melbourne, Australia      Aircraft: RV-7A     Engine: 13B modified turbo      Turbo:modified 13B tubo     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Wolf 3D version4      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Airframe completed, engine converted just waiting on engine mount      Completion Year:2006     Comments:

Dean Head

Updated: Aug-02       Hometown: Brockville, FL      Aircraft: Cozy MK IV     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Probably     Plugs:Standard     EFI:EC2      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Chapter 4      Completion Year:     Comments:

Roger Hoffman

Updated: Oct-00       Hometown: Eugene, Oregon.      Aircraft: aluminum, high wing, single engine Murphy Rebel.     Engine: Considering 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:I have the tail section completed and am well into the wing construction.      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Roland Houin

Updated: Jan-01       Hometown: Indiana      Aircraft:       Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Jim Ingram

Updated: Oct-00       Hometown: Yamhill, Oregon      Aircraft: CH801      Engine: 13b      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:tail,right wing and rear fuse complete      Completion Year:2001     Comments:will probably order a 13b from dave [Atkins].

Rick Irwin

Updated: Jan-08       Hometown: Ogden, UT      Aircraft: Cozy MkIV with retracts and 4" wider fuselage, blended winglet, and split rudders.     Engine: 20B      Turbo:Turbo or Supercharger     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Expect to be done 2008 year. I am on Cozy's chapter 20, 21 and 24. (of 24)      Completion Year:2008     Comments:Website in the making www.iconixresearch.com/aircraft

Steve Izett

Updated: Mar-07       Hometown:       Aircraft: Perth, AU     Engine: Renisis 4 Port      Turbo:Undecided     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RD-1C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Aircraft is 50% done      Completion Year:2009     Comments:

Bill Jepson

Updated: Sep-08       Hometown:       Aircraft: RV-10     Engine: 20B      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS or Mechanical      PRSU:RWS or Powersport     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Just getting started. I have the engine though. Working on rebuild.      Completion Year:???     Comments:A frequent contributor to ACRE newsletter. Eventually a composite airframe

Kelsey Jewett

Updated: Apr-04       Hometown: Redding, CA      Aircraft: RV-7     Engine: Renisis      Turbo:N     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWD RD1-C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Developing FF installation      Completion Year:     Comments:Ten years ago I built an RV-6 and flew it for 260 hrs. For the last year I have been building a RV-7A incorporating what I liked and changing what I disliked in my 6. I changed to a nose wheel, tip up canopy, 56 gal. fuel capacity and a medium gray canopy. I kept: flying from the right, infinity grips and a few others thingsI can't remember. I ardently wish to change from the Lycoming O-360 to a less expensive, smoother, more powerful and more dependable engine.

Delbert Johnson

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: Mason, MI      Aircraft: Glastar     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Engine Mounted      Completion Year:      Comments:It would be very useful to also capture Prop information and performance information. I'm going through the process of trying to pick the right prop (size and pitch). It sure would be valuable to learn what others are using and what kind of climb, cruise and Vmax that they are getting. Unfortunately there are very fiew Glastars on the list so the information won't be available for me but down the road it could be useful to others as the imformation gets compiled

Ken Johnson

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: New London, WI      Aircraft: Zenith Ch801     Engine: Renisis      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS 3:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Tail done and working on wings      Completion Year:??     Comments:I like the rotary because of the power to weight ratio. I anticipate amphi-floats and total weight is an issue. I like the idea of getting proven standards in the rotary engine systems.  Dave Atkins started that with his seals.  The new RX-8 will bring changes with a lot of unknowns.

Kenneth Johnson

Updated: Aug-08       Hometown: New London, WI      Aircraft: Zenith CH801     Engine: 13B Ported and Polished      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Powersport     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:I am close to finishing fuselage.  I am seeking information regarding engine mounts.      Completion Year:2009     Comments:In designing engine mount, I need to complete exhaust system and need suggestions.

Rob Johnson

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Dallas TX      Aircraft: Velocity XL RG     Engine: 20B      Turbo:n     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2000     Comments:yes and www.robjohnson.com/build.

Mard Joseph

Updated: Apr-07       Hometown: St. Hubert      Aircraft: Nexus Mustang     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:???     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:starting from plans      Completion Year:2010     Comments:

Alfred Jungkind

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta      Aircraft: Osprey 2     Engine: 20B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:Custom Belt Drive     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Needs engine and electronics      Completion Year:After Retirement     Comments:

Marvin Kaye

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Fort Myers, FL      Aircraft: Lancair LNC2     Engine: 13B, 1987 triple MSD ignition      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Up     EFI:yes      PRSU:RWS?     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2002     Comments:Radiator being mounted in belly scoop, oil cooler under cowl, street porting

Tom Kendall

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Green Bay, WI      Aircraft: MurphyMurphy SuperRebel     Engine: 20B, waiting for rebuild      Turbo:Have a stock turbo, may convert to aftermarket     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS 2.85     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Got an engine, still a long way from kit purchace      Completion Year:Completion sometime before I retire (next 15 years)     Comments:I'm making foundry patterns for modified intake manifolds (12B on the bench with 20B in the que). These will be lighter than stock without all the extra heat risers, and will permit home builders to make custom runner lengths, inlet plenums, etc. Still in development with deliverables expected by early summer of 2002. Check Paul Lamar's list for periodic updates and news as it happens.

Tom Klinedinst

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Bradenton, FL      Aircraft: Stevens Akro     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Undecided     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Early      Completion Year:2003     Comments:

Tom Koehl

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN      Aircraft: RV-8     Engine: 13B, 1989, Streamlining inlet ports, Webber jets on eccectric cam vs. ball valves. Following Aviator's Guide and Bruce Turrentine's video for overhaul.      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Promised the wife I'd finish the engine completely before ordering the RV-8, but expect to have the engine on mount by late Fall '03 and ready to order from Van's by April '04.      Completion Year:2007     Comments:

Peter Kos

Updated: Jun-04       Hometown: Fort Collins, Colorado      Aircraft: Cozy Mk-4     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Yes, Unknown     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Undecided     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2005     Comments:

Harold Kovac

Updated: Feb-07       Hometown: Ocala, FL      Aircraft: RV-9A     Engine: 13B      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Fuselage, canoe..working pitch servo(TruTrak)      Completion Year:2009     Comments:More work than I anticipated Using Tech Welding (Ed Klepeis) oil & water radiators

Keith Kruetzfeldt

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: San Jose, CA      Aircraft: RV-6     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Tailkit, contimplating rotary      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Charlie Kuss

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Boca Raton, Fl.      Aircraft: RV-8     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Stock      PRSU:Bill Husa's     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2002     Comments:Still considering a Lyc O-360, [blasphomy :-) ]

Paul Lamar

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Santa Paula CA      Aircraft: KIS Cruiser TR-4     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:????     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Wings done. Fuselage on gear. Structure about 75%      Completion Year:????     Comments:Runs the Aircraft Rotary Avation Newsletter at http://home.earthlink.net/~rotaryeng/ Owned four Mazda rotary engine cars starting in 1973 with a new RX2.

Mike Laubach

Updated: Jan-01       Hometown: California      Aircraft:       Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Alfonso Lebron-Berges

Updated: May-01       Hometown: Lafayette, LA       Aircraft: Osprey GP-4     Engine: 13B(Still undecided between a REW FD3S or a Renesis)      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown: Fuselage and vert. fin built.      Completion Year:2003     Comments:Keep up the good work!

Ron Lisberg

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Sylmar, California      Aircraft: Long-EZ     Engine: Undecided Rotary      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:Undecided     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:completing wings      Completion Year:2001     Comments:

Douglass Lomheim

Updated: Jan-07       Hometown: OK City, OK      Aircraft: RV-9A     Engine: 13B, 1989      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Working FWF items; must build an intake and exhaust system and locate and plumb rads. Ordered James "Rotary" cowling and plan on mounting everything down low.      Completion Year:2008?     Comments:Events of life keep pushing out my hoped for completion date(s) but it still will fly on "Saturday". :)

Gary Luchini

Updated: Nov-06       Hometown: Waupun, WI      Aircraft: Glastar     Engine: Renisis by Bruce Turrentine with modified stock intake manifold      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RD-1C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Working on fuselage, Tail feathers done, left wing ready to rivet      Completion Year:2007     Comments:researching exhaust system.  Any ideas?

Ron Maglaughlin

Updated: May-03       Hometown: Udall, Ks 67146      Aircraft: Lancair 360     Engine: 13B investigating all the information      Turbo:     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Undecided     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:airframe is 60% in 7-months      Completion Year:2003/4     Comments:also going experimental with a "56" cessna 182/20b-turbo. And building an Adventureair/Glassgoose (20% done) for trips to the lake it will be a 13bNA unless more ponies are needed

Giffen Marr

Updated: Jul-04       Hometown:       Aircraft: Lancair IV-P     Engine: 20B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:Mistral     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:0.25      Completion Year:??     Comments:MT Prop. Going with Mistral because I want a hydrolic governor for the prop.

Bill Martin

Updated: Jan-01       Hometown: Mexico      Aircraft: Smythe Sidewinder     Engine: Engne Running      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Bob Mears

Updated: Jun-05       Hometown: Lubbock TX      Aircraft: Supermarine Spitfire     Engine: 20B Looking for intake manifold ideas now. Help!      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Long way to go. RWS systems headed this way. Still must overhaul 20B. 300 hrs on plane about a million more to go.      Completion Year:2007     Comments:see website at http://mears-spitfire.tripod.com/

Gary Meuer

Updated: Jan-03       Hometown: Tullahoma, TN      Aircraft: Starduster     Engine: Duncan single rotor mazda, 120 HP      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Posa super carb      PRSU:3:1 belt reduction drive from Duncan     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:engine mount is mounted on a completed firewall, have completed a nice fiberglass cowling, Posa supercarb, alternator, oil cooler, radiator, ignigion system etc. PSRU is installed, need to install ignition, radiator, oil cooler, carb, exhaust ect.      Completion Year:2003     Comments:I may sell the complete engine, firewall, cowling, etc since I have another engine already for the biplane.

Ron Milligan

Updated: May-05       Hometown: Aliso Viejo      Aircraft: RV-7     Engine: Renisis      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Tail and Wings Complete, Fuselage structure 75% working on systems      Completion Year:2007     Comments:

Don Mitchell

Updated: Nov-01       Hometown: Plano, TX (Dallas)      Aircraft: Velosity, Fixed     Engine: 20B, a real complete 20B imported from New Zealand that I rebuilt myself.      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1B     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Wings, canard, flying surfaces, and fuselage done. Main Spar and Landing Gear installed. Now working on Fuel Strakes, wiring, panel and systems.      Completion Year: I designed and had a tool machined for splitting the 20B two piece crankshaft during disassembly. I will gladly loan it to anyone in need.      Comments:Thanks to Tracy Crook (RWS) for his PRSU and EC2 electronic ignition/fuel injection system (but having the starter at 3 o'clock would a huge help to me). I've also benefited from Paul Lamar's internet group. COULD REALLY USE SOME HELP WITH WELDING STUFF !!!!!!! Anyone is welcome to contact me directly at: MitchDCGS@aol.com

Don Moncrieff

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Toronto, Ontario      Aircraft: Coot A     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Yes (mainly to get off the water)     Plugs:Standard     EFI:yes, standard      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:16 yrs work (play) to date      Completion Year:2002 with luck and money     Comments:

Fred Mooers

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Madison, Wi       Aircraft: Zenith 801     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Planning/deciding      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Fred Moreno

Updated: Sep-00       Hometown:        Aircraft:       Engine:       Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Peter Morrison

Updated: Mar-05       Hometown: oshawa,ont.canada      Aircraft: acrosport2     Engine: Undecided      Turbo:     Plugs:Standard     EFI:??      PRSU:??     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Working on Wings, Fues 90% complete      Completion Year:??     Comments:Considering the rotary

Doug Muller

Updated: Aug-04       Hometown: Boulder City, NV      Aircraft: RX-6 (RV-6)     Engine: 13B      Turbo:TO4E     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:Mistral     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Finishing engine installation      Completion Year:2005     Comments:Looking for people to do a group buy of mistral mounts.

David Munday

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Florence, KY (Near Cincinnati, OH)      Aircraft: Undecided     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Yes      PRSU:Undecided     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:Unknown     Comments:

Jason Murphy

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Arlington, Tx      Aircraft: Long Ez     Engine: 13B      Turbo:most likley     Plugs:don't know     EFI:of course      PRSU:RX-7     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Will install engine in 6-8 mo.      Completion Year:early 2001     Comments:I'm a few months off but all the info i've gathered over the last year has been positive. i've been in touch w/ ron gowan who has flown a 13B and is highly impressed. i'm still trying to find the best way to cool a pusher like the long ez. thanks for the group.

Carlos Noto

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Miami      Aircraft: SQ2000 4 seat composite canard pusher     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Building Engine Mount      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Vlad Oleynik

Updated: Jan-01       Hometown: North Carolina      Aircraft:       Engine: 20B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Larry Olsen

Updated: Jan-08       Hometown: Saratoga, WY      Aircraft: Dominator gyrocopter     Engine: Rotamax Turbo      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:I'm trying to free up some more time to get the main gear and front gear finished. So I can get it on it's wheels      Completion Year:2009     Comments:

Les M. Orosz

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida (near Ft. Lauderdale)      Aircraft: Cozy MK IV (the UnCozy)     Engine: 20B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:6 pinion planetary based     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2006     Comments:pre-build design stage - 15% scale up of Cozy

John Overman

Updated: Mar-03       Hometown: Port Angeles WA      Aircraft: Velocity Std Elite RG     Engine: 13b 9.4 to 1 comp rotors cermic apex seals, all mods recommended by Bruce Turrentine      Turbo:Yes mazda no waste gate or actuator     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Waiting for motor mount      Completion Year:      Comments:

Gary Palmer

Updated: Nov-01       Hometown:        Aircraft: Lancair 235     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Jin Parker

Updated: Nov-01       Hometown: Shreveport, LA      Aircraft: RV-8A     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Powersport      PRSU:Powersport     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Working on Airframe      Completion Year:2002     Comments:Like the idea of one lever power and modern electronics..

Mike Parker

Updated: Oct-06       Hometown: Bountiful, UT      Aircraft: RV-9A     Engine: Renisis 4-port      Turbo:Undecided     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Finished tail, working on wings      Completion Year:2008     Comments:Thinking IVO Magnum prop at this time?

Eric Parlow

Updated: Jan-03       Hometown: Asheville, NC      Aircraft: RV-8     Engine: 20B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:FADEC      PRSU:     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:System design and CAD layout      Completion Year:2005     Comments:

Noah Peckler

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Santa Paula CA      Aircraft: Vari Eze     Engine: Lyc O235 c2c      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:instaled      Completion Year:2000     Comments:

Robert Perkinson

Updated: Jul-04       Hometown: Hendersonville      Aircraft: RV-9A     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Building Wings at this time      Completion Year:      Comments:

Wayne Walter Peterson

Updated: Nov-01       Hometown: Burlington, Wi      Aircraft: Berkuit     Engine: 13B      Turbo:TO4E from Majestic Turbo     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:I have been building for 6 years. The plane is on its gear,the wings,canard,strakes are all in place as well as the winglets and the canopies.      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Jeffrey Philipps

Updated: Jan-07       Hometown: Dale, IN      Aircraft:      Engine: 13B, 1989 with T-O4 turbo, housings cut at mazdatrix for advanced cooling      Turbo:TO4 w/1.17 aspect ratio     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RD-1C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Construction process, midway through glass work, working on power systems in cooler weather      Completion Year:2008     Comments:

Brian Phillips

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Sydney, Australia      Aircraft: Europa     Engine: Midwest      Turbo:n     Plugs:n/a     EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2004     Comments:

Mike Pienaar

Updated: Sep-00       Hometown: Simunye, Swaziland      Aircraft: KIS Cruiser     Engine: Undecided      Turbo:Yes - Undecided type     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Engine in teardown stage      Completion Year:2001/2     Comments:

Rick Pitts

Updated: Feb-07       Hometown: Wasilla, Alaska      Aircraft: Bushcaddy L-164     Engine: Renisis 6-port, Just bought it - looking for intake ideas      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RD-1C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:All complete except for left wing. Still need panel and rigging.      Completion Year:2007-2008     Comments:Need help with intake for 6-port

Ken Powell

Updated: Nov-01       Hometown: Bryant, AR (10 miles south of Little Rock)      Aircraft: RV-4 and team Mini-Max     Engine: 13B for the RV-4, Kawasaki 440 aircooled 2-stroke, should weigh about 325 lbs for the mini-max      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS?     Stage of Development/Hours Flown: I hope to have the motor mounts done by Thanksgiving      Completion Year:      Comments:radiator underneath engine, intake cleaned up but port timing not changed, exhaust port splitter removed and EGR port plugged - waiting on Bruce's 'porting' video to decide on final porting (the engine must idle at 1000 rpm or lower under prop load)

Don Prouty

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Manchester, NH      Aircraft: Modified super cruiser     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:Undecided     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2003     Comments:

Felix Rachetiore

Updated: Jan-01       Hometown: Florida      Aircraft: Glasair     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Doug Raupp

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Cary, Il      Aircraft: Lancair 235     Engine: 13B, Powersport Periforal      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Powersport      PRSU:Powersport     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Instillation Due May 2000      Completion Year:2000     Comments:

Robin Ream

Updated: Jan-01       Hometown: Missouri      Aircraft: Velosity     Engine: 20B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Erick Redfern

Updated: Jan-08       Hometown: Farr West, UT      Aircraft: Cozy MKIV     Engine: 20B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS - probably      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:About a year into the build expect 4 more years to complete.      Completion Year:2012     Comments:

George Reeder

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Bloomfield, Michigan      Aircraft: Rotorway Exec 90     Engine: Custom 3 single rotor engines, Titanium rotors and coated titanium/aluminum side housings      Turbo:No     Plugs:      EFI:Yes      PRSU:Custom gearbox with ground helical gears/ driveshaft     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Half done      Completion Year:2000     Comments:Making helicopter for long range flight with three independent engine design for vertical take off so if one engine(single rotor) were to fail two would be available to maintain altitude. Very experimental!

Bob J. Rogers

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Plano, TX (Dallas)      Aircraft: Mustang II     Engine: 13B, 1987 Turbo, rebuilt per Bruce Turrentine video , new seals and housings, stock rotors.      Turbo:Turbonetics 60-1     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Custom EFI with RWS Ignition      PRSU:RWS RD-1B (2.17:1, high strength)     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Airframe complete. Engine temporarily mounted on A/F. Working on cooling system, panel and paint.      Completion Year:2004     Comments:Fixed-pitch Prince P-tip prop 68in diameter x 85 pitch prop, such as the Airmaster

Steven Rosine

Updated: Nov-01       Hometown: Roanoke VA      Aircraft: Mustang II     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Almost Done      Completion Year:2000     Comments: I have the radiators in the wings (ala Bf.109), with the exhaust wrapped around the engine and muffler under the oil pan.

Richard B. Rothrock

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Los Alamos, NM      Aircraft: Velocity SUV     Engine: 13b, 1989 - gas-oil mix      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:Undecided     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2004     Comments:Drives RX-7 too!

Arthur Rudko

Updated: Apr-07       Hometown: Odessa, FL      Aircraft: Mustang II and T-18     Engine: 13B;I have devloped a FWF that was run twice a day at Sun and Fun. Im doing this 13B install into the T-18 as it is ready to fly. The mustang is about 1 year away.      Turbo:Not for Now     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:the prototype has a Marcotte, the T-18 has an RWS 2.85     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:the engine is going in and the plan is to fly it to Airventure      Completion Year:2007     Comments:propelledengineering.com 0 0 0

Todd Russell

Updated: Feb-07       Hometown: Boise      Aircraft: RV-4     Engine: 13B with no mods      Turbo:n     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Building Engine Now      Completion Year:2007     Comments:I am in need of an engine mount...CCI is supposed to be completing my mount but it is going on a year now and we still haven't recieved anything but a bunch of b.s. from him so we are looking at alternatives in case fred breese does not follow thru. Any suggestions out there for a motor mount?

Ernesto Sanchez

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Santa Maria, CA (North of Santa Barbara)      Aircraft: Custom 4 seat, full retract, Long-Ez/E-racer derivative canard     Engine: 13B, 1991, 4 port (Like Tracy's)      Turbo:TO-4 with HKS manifold     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Working on fuselage, wings done, buying engine parts      Completion Year:2004     Comments:WEB Page: http://home1.gte.net/res0391z/index.html

Herb Sanders

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Memphis, TN      Aircraft: LongEZ     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:ASAP     Comments:This is 5th airplane project. All with tail letters HM for HerB and Marie but will also fit nicely with the Hhhhmmmmmm theme of the Mazda.

Bill Schertz

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Batavia, IL      Aircraft: KIS TR-4     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2002     Comments:Bill is famous for his "Schertz-Beam" style engine mount designed in conjunction with Paul Lamar..

David Schmeeckle

Updated: Aug-08       Hometown: Kalispell      Aircraft: Mustang II     Engine: 13B or Renisis      Turbo:Yes, twin     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Undecidd      PRSU:Undecided     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Working on the fuselage, Private pilot with 600 hrs      Completion Year:1 year     Comments:

Ben Schneider

Updated: Apr-04       Hometown: Flanagan, IL      Aircraft: RV-7     Engine: Renisis 13B      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Finishing Fuselage, Gathering Firewall Forward      Completion Year:2005     Comments:

Gary Schwarz

Updated: Aug-08       Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA      Aircraft: Own Design, similar to the RV-8A but better.     Engine: Renisis.      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Designing the whole plane and powerplant system pretty much concurrently so that everything will work together.      Completion Year:??     Comments:No website yet.  Will be using Harry Riblett's GA37A215 airfoil.  Just like the Navy and the airlines, I will have an AoA indicator.  Will have a very sticky (no bounce), trailing-link main gears using dune buggy type shock struts.  Will have Grumman (Wildcat, Hellcat, Hawkeye)style folding wings. I've designed and will soon be welding a 321 SS exhaust manifold/swirly whirly muffler assembly that I believe will tame the noise. It will probably need a secondary downstream muffler. I am determined to get this thing to be quiet as a mouse. My philosophy is to to kill the noise as close to the source as possible. With all this talk about cooling problems, I'm taking my cooling problems elsewhere, so the radiator will be located under the rear seat like the P-51. Not quite sure where the oil cooler will be just yet. The cowling will be very low profile.  I'm building a 1/10 scale 3D model to visualize just how everything will fit together.  Currently evaluating the feasibility of using epoxy/sealant bonding of all secondary airframe structures.

Michael Silvius

Updated: Mar-06       Hometown: Scarborough, Maine      Aircraft: Jodel-Falconair F-12     Engine: 13B 1988, no mods      Turbo:n     Plugs:Standard     EFI:3,34mm Mikunis same as Tracy's 1st set up      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:99% done, 99% to go, worwing ready for cover. basic fuse tub done, need turtle decks and canoppy next "     Completion Year:2009     Comments:photos at http://community.webshots.com/user/qajaliorqti "

Tom Sivic

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio      Aircraft: gp-4 or cozy     Engine: rotory of course      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:undecided     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:not started      Completion Year:2006     Comments:

Chris Smale

Updated: Feb-01       Hometown:        Aircraft: Defiant     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Engine Instillation      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Jim Sower

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Catskill, NY      Aircraft: Long-EZ (flying), Cozy MkIV (beginning)     Engine: 12B or 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:O-235 flying, planning rotary conversion      Completion Year:2001     Comments:Currently flying a Long EZ with and O-235, but Plan on Upgrading to a 12B or 13B next winter.

Jeff Spitzer

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: San Diego, CA      Aircraft: Original design - Synergy Roadable     Engine: 13BT,1987, 200+ hp      Turbo:Garrett T04     Plugs:      EFI:TBD      PRSU:Custom HV chain     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:assembling engine      Completion Year:2003     Comments:

David Stricker

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Goodyear, Arizona      Aircraft: White Lightning     Engine: 13B ~275hp      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:RWS or state-of-the-art at time of installation     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Design Stage      Completion Year:2008     Comments:This is an excellent forum for ideas, project development, and exchange of technology

Howard Strope

Updated: Jan-01       Hometown: New York      Aircraft:       Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Karl R. Szczypta

Updated: Jul-03       Hometown: Naperville, Il.      Aircraft: Vision #91     Engine: 13B      Turbo:     Plugs:Thinking about n/a     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Building      Completion Year:Someday     Comments:Thanks to Paul and all in the group!

Bob Tilley

Updated: May-05       Hometown: Albany, Ga      Aircraft: Cozy MK IV       Engine: 13BT      Turbo:Turbo or Supercharger     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Waiting on Bruce's intake to put motor on an airboat for testing      Completion Year:2006/7     Comments:

Kelly Troyer

Updated: May-05       Hometown: Yukon,Okla.      Aircraft: Dyke Delta JD2     Engine: 13B 6 port na, Ported center housing, Considering converting to perpheral port      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1C (2.85 to 1)     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:airframe ready for cover,installing power, fuel, electrical systems      Completion Year:Hopefully before death!     Comments:Prop is Ivo elect./3 blade Have a partially complete Cassutt that will eventually have a 13b Rotary installed

Brian Trubee

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Redmond, Wa      Aircraft: RV-4     Engine: 13BREW      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Airframe done, installing engine      Completion Year:2003     Comments:engine- imported '93 13BREW bought in OCT 2000 for $850 with all accessories, sold turbo, mainfolds extraneous crap for $800 radiatior under engine, making own cowl w/o cowl cheeks.

Gary Van Leeuwen

Updated: Dec-05       Hometown: Aylmer, Ontario      Aircraft: RV-6A     Engine: 13B by Powersport      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Powersport      PRSU:Powersport     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Finishing panel. Have had engine running      Completion Year:2006     Comments:

Dean Van Winkle

Updated: Aug-06       Hometown: Virden, Illinois      Aircraft: RV-9A Slider     Engine: 13B, Used '89 NA from Bruce Turrentine with Mistral intake Manifold, RWS apex seals.      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS EC2 with LS1 coils      PRSU:RWS RD-1B     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Finishing fus, finish kit, and engine installation      Completion Year:Late 2007     Comments:Conversion Concepts Mt, James Rotary cowl,ready to reassemble engine,Mistral intake is very well made and fairly easy fit to engine.The 6 port end housings need to have some duct enlargement and tailoring around the twin ports to match the intake single secondary ports and smooth the airflow. I removed the rotary valve tubes and will fill and blend the duct port in the same fashion shown in Tracy's Book. The Intake uses readily available Edge Products fuel injectors compatible with EC2 and std sq Bosch connectors. TruTrak pitch and roll servos level of AP undecided. Have Ed Klepeis heater core expect to use his oil and coolant rads. Current Mistral Exhaust & Oil/Filter Manifold, while very attractive, are not compatible with the CC Mount. No Web Site

John P. Vitamvas

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Milwaukee, WI      Aircraft: None. Automotive/electronics freak and autocrosser.     Engine: 13B, 88-91      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:n/a     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:Street Porting

Wendell Voto

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Stratford, OK      Aircraft: Cozy     Engine: 13B      Turbo:n/a     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:?????     Comments:

Don Walker

Updated: Aug-04       Hometown: Reno, NV      Aircraft: RV-8     Engine: Renisis      Turbo:     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Planning engine installation      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Miles Wattles

Updated: Apr-04       Hometown: Roseburg, OR      Aircraft: whitman tailwind     Engine: 13B from Bruce Turrintine      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:I'm working on the intake and exhaust, in conjunction with motor mounts. I've installed a fuel tank, approx 29 gal, of my manufacture, but must remove to cut into for ifr edquipment. Air frame is nearly complete, and wings need top covering.      Completion Year:2004     Comments: I do need some information on which prop to put on the prsu.

Noel Wellstead

Updated: Mar-06       Hometown: Busselton      Aircraft: RV-6A     Engine: 13B 188kw renisis mods 1 to alt removed 100amp put in 45 amp used same boss on block,adapted same pulley as water pump to run alt tensioned by 3000 kg or 3 tone breaking strain yatch swivel.      Turbo:     Plugs:Standard     EFI:yes      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Working on Engine      Completion Year:2006     Comments:cut stem out from the engine boss and head of oil filter now joined by hoses ie remote filter now on gear box plate.3 removed the heavy spring from the mazda throtle body wired the two red wires of existing plug to the centre of a DPDT MOM SWITCH then wired 2v+ to diagonal outer leg and 2v- to the other diagonal legs ,the power suply is an pulse width modulater fron dick smiths which needs to be set at approx 2v output this will open and close the throtle in aprox 1 second by toggling the DPDT switch up and down, i have set this up as a redundancy and drilled out the sensors to the find the centre of the butterfly shaft of wich i have extended to a throtle lever for primary use.4 the oil feed to the gearbox is from the oil pressure sender hole from this hole via 1/4 npt to a oil junction of three outlets 1 for gearbox 2 for oil pressue sender 3 blocked for now but could be for a super charger later on.5 working on inlet manifold at moment i intend seting up the rotating bare! ls on the inlet to open and close them as required ie same wiring as throttle body reverse polarity through a DPDT momentry switch.....

James West

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Eugene, Or.      Aircraft: Coot     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:Ross 2.85:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:2000     Comments:NSI 3-blade Beta Prop.

Phil White

Updated: Dec-05       Hometown: Downers Grove, IL      Aircraft: RV-10     Engine: 20B now in pieces. Will do mild porting.      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RSW      PRSU:RWS RD-1C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Airframe about 65% done.      Completion Year:2007     Comments:

Harold Whorton

Updated: Jan-01       Hometown: Florida      Aircraft: Glass Goose     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Marc Wiese

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Memphis, TN      Aircraft: Seawind 3000     Engine: 20B, Belt driven governor. C337P turbo controls.      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Marcotte, if not vaporwear w/ Hoffman rev 3 blade     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Just Starting      Completion Year:2005     Comments:If I live that long. Have been collecting information and parts on the engine installation and plan on turbocharging it based on the C377T configuration (22,000' svc clg)

John Williams

Updated: May-03       Hometown: Hyannis, MA      Aircraft: RV-9A     Engine: 13B, 1987, Bruce Turrentine aviation mods, Turbo Oil Pump, Atkins fuel rails and press reg.      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1A     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Building wings, firewall forward mockup.      Completion Year:2004     Comments:Using as much stock and "bolt on, bolt in" parts as possible, in order to "Keep it Simple, Stupid". Will operate engine derated to 175 or 180 HP for normal operations, with power in reserve when required.

Walter Williams

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Cheyenne WY      Aircraft: BD5     Engine: Single rotor with aluminum side housings      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Installing Engine      Completion Year:2003     Comments:Hoping for 125 hp out of his turbo single rotor with alum side housings in order to break the world speed record. Is looking for a pilot who is less than 100 lbs.

Mike Wills

Updated: Mar-08       Hometown: San Diego, Ca      Aircraft: RV-4     Engine: 13B, 4-port with high compression rotors from Bruce T.      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Installing Engine, custom cowl done      Completion Year:2002     Comments:

William Wilson

Updated: Jan-01       Hometown: Colorado      Aircraft:       Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Bryan Winberry

Updated: Nov-08       Hometown: Roswell. GA      Aircraft: RV-7     Engine: Renisis      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Starting fuselage and pondering engine choices.      Completion Year:2009?     Comments:

Gary Wise

Updated: Apr-08       Hometown: PHARR,TX      Aircraft: RV-8A     Engine: Undecided      Turbo:Undecided     Plugs:Undecided     EFI:Undecidd      PRSU:Undecided     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Just Starting      Completion Year:One year     Comments:

Sven Wisting

Updated: Mar-06       Hometown: Dronningmolle, DK      Aircraft: Undecided     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:      Completion Year:      Comments:Primarily interested in the 3 rotor

Lonnie Wood

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Coos Bay, Or.       Aircraft: Wag-Aero Sportsman 2+2     Engine: 13B, 1987      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:Homemade Hi-Vo chain, 2.48 reduction      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Engine hung, need exhaust and wiring      Completion Year:2001     Comments:

Mark Wrathall

Updated: Oct-06       Hometown: Vienna, Austria      Aircraft: Mustang II     Engine: 13B      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown: Bought MII S/N 1148 partially completed. It is currectly at about quick build kit stage.      Completion Year:2015     Comments:http://www.wrathall.com/Mustang/mustang_index.html

Elden Yates

Updated: Jul-07       Hometown: Rumford, ME      Aircraft: Avipro - Bearhawk     Engine: 13B all aviation mods,turbo rotor housings,89 center housing,high compression rotors,street ported.      Turbo:My second 13B will be turbo, not sure of system yet.     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD1B     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Fuel system done, wiring done, working on intake-exhaust & painting      Completion Year:2008??     Comments:84" Two blade IVO In-flight ajustable

Fred Zapponi

Updated: Aug-01       Hometown: Trukee, CA      Aircraft: Osprey II     Engine: 13B, Atkins      Turbo:Not for Now     Plugs:Standard     EFI:No      PRSU:Ross 2.85:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Wings, fuselage, landing gear, empanage, engine mount, instruments complete. 90% finished, 90% to go.      Completion Year:2002     Comments:4 Kenei carbs, 1985 Mazda electronic (two coil) ignition, stock starter, stock alternator, stock oil cooler, Atkins engine mounts, Honda radiator, remote oil filter, 4 blade Warp Drive ground (water?) adjustable prop.