Real World Solutions - Thanks to Tracy Crook, the installation of a Mazda Rotary engine into an aircraft is now much easier and more reliable than before 1995.  Tracy continues to develop new products at a reasonable price.  Because of his efforts, Mazda rotary automobiles and the inherent fine qualities of the Wankel design, I feel that the rotary engine will one day become the standard for all all aviation small aircraft engines.  If you are building an aircraft, you would do yourself a terrible disservice if you buy any engine without reading Tracy's manual first.

My turbo rotary RV-6 Project - Follow the thought process of deciding to build, which plane to build, what engine to use, and how much time and money it 'cost.'

ACRE NL web site - This site, managed by Paul Lamar, has a lot of great engineering info, design ideas, and links to rotary aircraft related sites.  There is also a very active e-mail discussion group discussing rotary aviation.

Fly Rotary website - This site has pictures of several completed aircraft, links, and another excellent e-mail discussion group. 

Ed Anderson’s Innovative and ground breaking RV-6A with hundreds of hours. 

Todd Bartrim's Most excellent and detailed website and Flying Turbo RV-9.

Perry Mick's really innovative direct drive, ducted fan, Duckt (EZ) - now without the Duct but we appreciate the research into ducts..

Al Geitzen’s beautiful flying 20B powered Velocity RG. Now Dave Leonard is no longer the only rotary aircraft in California. J

John Slade's Flying Turbo Cozy Mk IV 

Bill Eslick's  Excellent Flying RV-6 

Ole Olseon's Flying Viggenette

The Cosman’s  Matt Mike and Chris have designed this composite aircraft (the Windwalker) specifically around the 20B rotary engine.  Nice job guys!  Good looking molds.  When can I get mine?

Cozy Girls  Chrissi and Randi’s website.  They are now offering some excellent parts for use on rotary conversions.  Great updated site.

Art Rudko’s Thorp project.  Art also sells an assortment of items helpful for the installation of a rotary engine.

Bob Mears' Really Cool Supermarine Spitfire project with a 20B.

Mike Callahan's Q200 Project. A nice site with lots of info and pictures.

Rick Irwin’s 20B powered Cozy project.

Chris Barber's Velosity Project.

Ernest Christley's Delta Dyke Project

Peter Faithfull's Vision EX Project

Harley Dixon's Long EZ Project

Chad Jensen's RV-7 Project – Chad is no longer considering the rotary (he has selected an O-320).  But he has done a nice job on his site listing many different engine options and giving some opinions.  It’s worth looking at for anyone considering an alternate engine.

Peter Cowan's flying Bakeng Deuce - current status unknown.

Mark Wrathall’s Mustang Project in Austria.

Bulent Aliev's Flying Cozy MK-IV – Sadly, this aircraft has been converted to use a, Sigh, Lycoming after several hours flying behind a rotary.  Maybe Bulent will explain on his site.

Powersport Aviation - The very roots of Mazda Rotary Aviation were possibly started by Everett Hatch and the early Powersport company.  A nitrous powered Mazda rotary RV-3 won the unofficial sun and fun time to climb and grabbed everyone's attention.  The company is now run by Ray Richardson and is currently the only company that I know of that has delivered complete firewall forward engine packages including engine mount, cowl, cooling, accessories, and PSRU.  Their flying RV-6A is a testament to the high quality of their work.  THERE HAS BEEN LITTLE NEW INFO FROM POWERSPORT IN THE LAST FEW  YEARS (since the 2005 crash of one of their aircraft – due to exhaust system failure), Apparently the price was more than the market could bear and the crash was the last straw, so they went out of business.  If anyone knows all the details, please let us know. (03/2007) - This is a German website dedicated to Wankel Engines and includes a great list of most wankel engines ever produced as well as several Wankel powered flying aircraft designed by Hanno Fischer.

Perry Casson's Glastar Project (need new link, page moved)

Ken Welters'  flying Coot with over 1000 hrs.  Ken also sells kit parts for the Coot, and a Cog Belt PSRU.  His latest innovation is the addition of a Rotax as a second engine for take off and primary engine failure. (LOST THE LINK).