This is a roster of people who have installed or are installing a Rotary engine in an aircraft.   It is a safe to say that most people on this list would be putting in a Lycoming were it not for the fact that we found something that is better and cheaper to maintain.  Most would not seriously consider any other automotive conversion.  I made this list so everyone could have a summary of who is doing what, and where, in rotary aviation.  I have gathered this information from e-mail submissions, Contact! articles, other web sites and word of mouth.  I can not guarantee that any of it is accurate.

For additions or updates to this list, click here.  Please keep in mind that I do this all by hand so your updates will take a couple months to filter down to the web page.

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Note that RWS used here as an abbreviation stands for Real World Solutions, Tracy Crook's company and web site.  12, 13, and 20B of course refer to the Mazda Rotary Engines.