The Aviators Rotary Engine Roster - Submit and Update Form

To make or update an entry to the RotaryRoster please submit the form below. If you choose to include your e-mail address I will make it available to individuals requesting it because they want to e-mail you about your project. It will not be sold or given away for any other purpose.

I only get around to updating the roster every few months, so please don't worry if you don't see your name up in lights right away.

First Name: Last:
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What Aircraft are you building?
Which Engine are you using? What mods have you made?
Are You Turbo charging? If so, which system?
Plugs up or Standard?
What Fuel system are you using? (RWS=Tracy's EC2)
What PSRU are you using?
How far along are you, what are you working on? If flying, how many hours do you have?

What year was it complete, or when do you expect to complete it?
Comments? Have a website? Other ideas, plans projects?

Is your Aircraft Flying?