Bulent 'Buly' Aliev

Updated: Jan-07       Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL      Aircraft: Cozy MK-IV (stretched)     Engine: 13B Cosmo      Turbo:No More     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS EC2/EM2      PRSU:Auto bellhousing with Tracy's RD-1C Gear Box     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:First flight was Easter day 2006. Flies beautifuly. Now with 10 flight hours      Completion Year:2006     Comments:Tracy's EFI all the way http://tinyurl.com/dcy36

Ed Anderson

Updated: May-01       Hometown: Matthews NC      Aircraft: RV-6A     Engine: 13B, 4-port with high compression rotors. 1991 Turbo Block 13B sans Turbo. Street Ported      Turbo:No     Plugs:Up     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Ross 2.85:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:300 + hrs      Completion Year:1998     Comments:His airplane won best auto installation at Sun-n-Fun 2000 See his installation details in Contact! magazine. Also in the May 01 RV-ator.

David Atkins

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Puyallup, WA      Aircraft: RV-6     Engine: 13B - Custom engine by Atkins Aviation      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Atkins Aviation      PRSU:Ross - Atkins modified     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:500+ hrs.      Completion Year:199?     Comments:Our webpage is www.atkinsrotary.com we have a Q and A section where you can see past Questions and the Answers. Some have been asked from the Emails we recieve and some are from the forums and Airshows, which I have attended.

Todd Bartrim

Updated: Feb-03       Hometown: Prince George, British Columbia, Canada      Aircraft: RV-9E (for Endurance (89usg fuel capacity))     Engine: 13b, '86      Turbo:most likley     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flew on Sept 1, 2003      Completion Year:2003     Comments:Converted outboard leading edge into fuel tanks for an additional 34usg and wingtips for another 14usg. Stock tanks are 36usg. All tanks are fed to a 5usg header tank. My goal of 7usg/hr fuel burn, will give me a range of 2300 statute miles. Has anybody crossed the Big Puddle with a rotary yet? http://www3.telus.net/haywire/RV-9/C-FSTB.htm

Jerry Bass

Updated: Apr-01       Hometown: Connecticut      Aircraft: RV6A Slider     Engine: 13B, from Bruce Turrentine      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Ross, with own 2.85:1 thrust mod.     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:7 hrs Flying Time      Completion Year:2000     Comments:1. High Oil temp. I found the oil cooler bypass valve stuck. 2. Noise. I have not yet found a solution. Grand Rapid Technology engine monitor modified to tell me H2O rather than CHT. Used Bloc for block oil temp and PanO for the Pan temperature. Prop is great, I am using a Prince Prop. email at him at Propellers@aol.com I am getting 1800 fpm climb at 120kts. So far Oil temp has limited high speed runs. Have started to see some oil seal leak from the Ross drive. N596JB

Ian and Irene Beadle

Updated: Jan-01       Hometown: Western Australia      Aircraft: RV-7A     Engine: 13B, street ported      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:Ross 2.85     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying      Completion Year:2000 and again in 2006     Comments:It is a lot smoother and quieter than the 180 lyc I have been training on with about the same performance. Maybe when I get the temps in control I will do some high speed runs and shave the chord on the prop to get 7000 RPM. … Ian is a repeat offender. His First RV-6 crashed due to a burst water hose, but he re-built it in record time and is not flying his RV-7 with a rotary engine

Paul Brannon

Updated: Jul-07       Hometown: chappells s.c.      Aircraft: Lancair ES     Engine: 20B      Turbo:Single      Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1B     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flew Once, working out non-engine issues      Completion Year:2004     Comments:

Steven Brooks

Updated: Jul-06       Hometown: Angier, NC      Aircraft: Cozy MKIV      Engine: 13BT 1989-91 JDM Engine, All of the mods recommended by Tracy. Building custom low profile intake.      Turbo:Stock Turbo      Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS - EC2      PRSU:RWS - RD1B     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:First Flight May 19, 2004 41 hours TT      Completion Year:2004     Comments:Will be replacing the stock turbo with a T04. Already have the manifold, turbo, and wastegate.

Gary Buster

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Tyler, Texas      Aircraft: Air Command Mazda Tandem w/ 30' RAF blades     Engine: 12A      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:Ross 2.85:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:720 hrs      Completion Year:1993     Comments:

Perry Casson

Updated: Feb-04       Hometown: Regina, Sk. Canada      Aircraft: Glastar     Engine: 13B, 1988 NA/ 6 port. Not much from stock except contouring ports and oil bypass as per Tracy's book      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1A     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:First flight 11/03, very happy with the results so far      Completion Year:2003     Comments:lots of photos at http://eaa154.dhs.org/perry Also have a Renesis engine that I'm preparing for aircraft use either as a power upgrade to the Glastar (floats) or a new project (perhaps a RV10)

Jim Clark


Paul Conner

Updated: Oct-05       Hometown: Mobile, AL      Aircraft: SQ2000 canard pusher with gull-wing doors and IFR panel     Engine: 13b Stock cast iron manifold with short exhaust pipe. Conversion Concepts motor mount, CandR Racing radiator, stock Mazda oil cooler.      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Atkins fuel and EFI system. MicroTech ECU.      PRSU:Ross 2.17:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:First flight December 11, 2004      Completion Year:38322     Comments:Sadly, Paul was killed when his plane crashed due to a fuel system issue. These were his comments about his plane and the rotary: 3-blade Performance prop. IFR with Dynon EFIS. Great flight characteristics, smooth running engine with excellent cooling. Temps will cool during climb. Plenty of room under the cowling for the rotary engine. Absolutely love the rotary engine behind my SQ2000. So much smoother than my Lycoming. This SQ2000 has gull-wing doors, Velocity fixed main gear, Jack Wilhelmson noselift, center console flight controls and Velocity front seats. Very comfortable, fast long range aircraft, with 69 gallons of fuel. Empty weight came in at 1150 pounds. Currently building up a street ported 4-port with NA rotors for more power. Engine always starts in 2 or 3 blades. Aircraft is flying in primer, will paint after I have a little more fun with it.

Yvon Cournoyer

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: Sorel-Tracy, QC, Canada      Aircraft: Zenair Zenith C.H.200     Engine: 13B, 1986, Flywheel lightened to 17 lbs, homebuilt intake and exhaust manifolds. Homebuilt Intake Manifold and exhaust.Mazda 1985 Ignition System. Racing Beat Aluminum Main Drive and Alternator 2-Sheave Pulleys.      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Holley Pro-Jection Fuel Injection System, 2-injector and throtle body      PRSU:Homebuilt, based on Richard Finch 1986 design. Cog Belt.2.105:1 stepdown ratio     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying since October 1990. 176 hours Air Time.      Completion Year:Flying since October 1990, (not completed yet)     Comments:A homebuilt aircraft is never done! For more information see the flyrotary web page (see links)

Peter Cowan

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Norwood Ontario Canada      Aircraft: Bakeng Deuce      Engine: 13B with 74X56 wood prop      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:distributer ignition      PRSU:truck tranny 2.25:1 reduction drive     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:50 hours in the air      Completion Year:1998, origionally with Lyc     Comments:Pictures at www.pipcom.com/~cowcam/deucepics.html Addendum: This aircraft status is curretnly unknown but probably no longer flying with a rotary.

Tracy Crook

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Bell, FL      Aircraft: RV-4     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:1250 + hours      Completion Year:1994     Comments:Real World Solutions, provides conversion manual, EFI/Ignition controller, PSRU, newsletter... advise, innovation and support. See his webpage at www.rotaryaviation.com

Russell Duffy

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Navarre, FL      Aircraft: RV-3B     Engine: 13B, The engine was a new "generator" engine, and it has been modified by Bruce Turrentine for 9.7 compression, in additiion to all the other recommended mods.      Turbo:Yes, turbo-normalizing with a stock 89-91 turbo     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1B     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Initial flying with 'BUC'      Completion Year:2003     Comments:

Brice Dunays

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown:        Aircraft: Viper (heavily modified Velosity)     Engine: 20B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:Ross     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying      Completion Year:2000     Comments:3-bladed wood prop. Pictures at http://www.robjohnson.com/brice/viper.html

Chuck Dunlap

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Pima, AZ      Aircraft: RV-6     Engine: 13B, 6-port      Turbo:No     Plugs:Up     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1A     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:180 hrs      Completion Year:2000     Comments:http://www.zekes.com/~chuck/rv6main.html

Bill Eslick

Updated: May-05       Hometown: Granbury, TX      Aircraft: RV-6     Engine: 13B, 1988 with standard Tracy mods. No porting.      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1A     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:350 hours. Modified the intake and gained enough power that I had to open up the cowl flap to handle the heat. We have been to Seattle and Tampa. Won "Outstanding Aircraft - Homebuilt" at Sun n Fun (Our first fly-in!)      Completion Year:37422     Comments:www.weslick.com/RV6index.htm - I have followed the literature for several years now, and most of what I read early on led me to believe that 'plugs right', (sorry) would be desireable in that the engine was designed that way, and I don't feel smarter than the guys that designed it. I enlarged the oil jets in the rotors just slightly, blocked the oil thermo in the eccentric shaft, and did a little work in the housings around the plug areas in the water jacket. Rotor housings are new from Mazdatrix, as the two engines I tore down both had bad surfaces near the edge. One end housing is new and the center and rear housings were resurfaced by Mazdatrix. New rotor tip seals, and the usual assortment of seals and gaskets, and the interior is (hopefully) pretty much like new.

Hanno Fischer

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Germany      Aircraft: Sirius-2, Fanliner and Fantrainer     Engine: Midwest (I think)      Turbo:On some Designs     Plugs:n/a     EFI:      PRSU:Direct Drive ducted fans     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:3 designs Flying and one in development      Completion Year:??     Comments:This German Aircraft designer has several designs based on Wankel engines. Follow this link for pictures of the flying aircraft and great links to Wankel motors and aviation (in German): http://www.der-wankelmotor.de/Flugzeuge/RFB/rfb.html

Walter Fisher

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: Evans, CO      Aircraft:      Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:10hrs      Completion Year:2002     Comments:See updates on Tracy's Site

Sigurd Ganswindt

Updated: Oct-00       Hometown: Schaumberg, IL      Aircraft: Glas Star     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Up     EFI:      PRSU:Ross     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:19 hrs      Completion Year:2000     Comments:Two Airconditioning cores behind nose intakes. Plumbed in series. Standard Mazda oil cooler, says he thinks the Ford Probe oil cooler is the same. Oil cooler mounted horizontally across the chin, has slot type opening in the chin to send air to the oil cooler. Says it cools okay now, had to change the radiator hoses from braided AN type to rubber Auto-type (larger diameter) to get it to cool. Burns premix oil-gas. Oil drain from ross re-drive comes out the bottom, and then snakes bact to the top of his plugs up oil pan. Said he had a restrictor hole in the feed to prevent 'too much ' oil being fed to psru, which caused seal leakage.

Dave Garber

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Lees Burg Florida      Aircraft: Fugi     Engine: Twin 13B's      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:      Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Al Gietzen

Updated: Aug-06       Hometown: Vista, CA (near San Diego)      Aircraft: Velocity RG     Engine: 20B,Custom induction and exhaust,oil pan,ignition      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying off Initial Hours      Completion Year:2006     Comments:http://members.cox.net/alg3/airplane.htm

Ron Gowan

Updated: Feb-95       Hometown: Roanoke, TX      Aircraft: Long-EZ     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Up     EFI:No      PRSU:Ross     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:76 hrs      Completion Year:1994     Comments:See his article in Contact!

George Graham

Updated: Oct-08       Hometown:        Aircraft: E-Racer Modified Fixed main Gear     Engine: 13B, 1985      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:bbl Carter carb      PRSU:RWS RD-1A replaced the RX-7 5 spd. transmission     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:500+ hrs      Completion Year:1998     Comments:Sadly, George passed away in 2007. His plane was sold and now flies out of Brown Field in San Diego. See his website at http://freenet.buffalo.edu/~ca266/

Chuck Harbert

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Redmond, WA      Aircraft: Velocity RG     Engine: 20B      Turbo:Yes     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Microtech EMS      PRSU:Ross (modified)     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:10-20 flight hrs before spousal pressure forced him to put in a Lyc after 2 oil cooler failures.      Completion Year:July '99     Comments:IVO Prop.

Dennis Haverlah

Updated: Aug-08       Hometown: Austin, TX (Ceader Park(      Aircraft: RV-7A     Engine: Renesis removed from wreck with 9,000 miles. Mods - Thermal pellet in crankshaft, Shon's oil injection, automobile intake and exhaust modified and used. I am using the stock RX-8 injectors and fuel rail, ignition coils, wires and plugs, alternator      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS-RD1C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flown about 10 hours.  Oil and water temps are a little high.      Completion Year:2007     Comments:I used the James Shark intake cowl.  An RX-7 oil cooler and a Griffin aluminum water rad.

Henry (Hank) Huddleston

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: San Mateo, Ca. 94402      Aircraft: Lancair 235     Engine: 13B, 6 port (by Bruce Turrentyne)      Turbo:No     Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying off hours and working out the bugs      Completion Year:2003     Comments:I basically am looking for engine technology that is something later than 1935. It seems incredible to me that Lycoming and Continental have been building what is effectively the same engine for over 60 years and have not yet managed to produce one that does not result in several expensive AD's. All the while crying crocodile tears about lawyers and charging 2,000 percent markup on engines and parts. Example: A sodium filled exhaust valve for a Cummings diesel engine costs +/- $14.00. The same valve for a Lycoming is $290.00.

Joe Hull

Updated: Feb-07       Hometown: Redmond, Wa      Aircraft: Cozy MK IV     Engine: 13B      Turbo:For a little while     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:71 flight hours, then converted to Lyc      Completion Year:2006     Comments:Had a beautiful installation but lost an Atkins Apex seal and did a 1-rotor landing. Decided to change out to a Lycoming

Jason Hutchison

Updated: Aug-06       Hometown: Granbury, TX      Aircraft: RV-6A     Engine: 13B-REW      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying off Phase One      Completion Year:2006     Comments:Dual fuel Pumps - tank return. 550 pri. & 42# Secondary injectors

Thomas W. James (Tommy)

Updated: Jul-03       Hometown: Statesville, NC      Aircraft: Glastar     Engine: Mazda 13B, NA, We made the motor mount, induction/ exhaust systems, alternator bracket, radiator brackets, oil cooler brackets from scratch.      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD1, 2.17:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:First flight 7/03      Completion Year:2003     Comments:The engine project is more challenging than the airframe kit. But the first flight was very gratifying. Thanks the the Rotary Discussion groups for all the invaluable help.

Tom Jordan

Updated: Sep-00       Hometown:        Aircraft: Long EZ     Engine: 13B      Turbo:Supercharged     Plugs:      EFI:RWS      PRSU:Ross     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying      Completion Year:??     Comments:

Bernie Kerr

Updated: Jun-05       Hometown: Port St Lucie, FL      Aircraft: RV-9A     Engine: 13B, street ported and built by Bruce Turrintine      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:First flight today without significant issue      Completion Year:2005     Comments:See updates on rotaryaviation.com under recent events, Bernie Kerr 9A project.

Mark Kirkpatrick

Updated: Jul-08       Hometown: Placerville, CA      Aircraft: MSK6 - My own design     Engine: 20B w/NA rotors      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Ross Castings Totaly Redesigned     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:257 Hr. 252 Hrs. on a 13B 5Hrs. on the 20B      Completion Year:2003     Comments:http://www.netlynx.us/sahobby Marginal cooling on water side but smallest radiator Tracy has seen anyone attempt.Stock oil cooler doing outstanding.

Neil Kruiswyk

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Toronto, Canada      Aircraft: Lancair 235     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Up     EFI:SDS      PRSU:Ross 2.17:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:55 hrs      Completion Year:34870     Comments:Maintains the plus up website, see link on this homepage

Rino Lacombe

Updated: Feb-08       Hometown: Bas-Cap-Pelé, NB, Canada      Aircraft: Glass Goose     Engine: Renisis.      Turbo:No but used to run 1989 13b stock turbo and manifold, stock intercooler     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS RD-1A     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Have 10 hrs flying with 13B but switche out for a Renisis, will fly again this summer.      Completion Year:2004     Comments:

Max Lasscher

Updated: Jun-03       Hometown:        Aircraft: Falconair     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:100hrs      Completion Year:2002     Comments:See Picture on Tracy's Site. "The engine made a lot of power. I took off at 80 and climbed over 1000 fpm at 4000 rpm. I leveled out at 1000 ft and closely monitored the oil temp. It was 88 degrees Celsius - good. Climbed to 2000 feet - throttled back a little more just to be cautious. Circled the airport for about 15 minutes. Landed at 65 - 70 - good landing. There was a little cross wind. It was so powerful - lots of torque - I had to hold lots of left rudder on climb out, which surprised me."

Finn Lassen

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Clearwater, FL      Aircraft: RV-3     Engine: 13B, 1986      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:3 Mikuni carbs, with Tracy's ignition      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:380 flying hours      Completion Year:2000     Comments:Changed from Ross to RWS PSRU at 326 hours.

David Leonard

Updated: Apr-08       Hometown: San Diego, CA      Aircraft: RV-6     Engine: 13B, '91 Turbo II that I re-built myself. I also paid $3500 for an 'new' engine from Atkins but it was junk.      Turbo:Modified Series 5 Turbo and housing with TO4 Turbine, TO4 60-1 Compressor, ported and always-open waste gate, modified stock turbine housing to make it all fit.     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS - EC2      PRSU:RWS RD-1B     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:260 hours.      Completion Year:First flight July 4, 2004     Comments:Cooling issues now all solved. Switched to an overpitched 3-blade prop. Slower performance but worth it in terms of smoothness. I put this roster together so we could find each other and so those who may be thinking about an alternative might be encouraged to put in a rotary. I am convinced that if people only understood the rotary would be even more popular. Thanks to Tracy Crook (and RWS), Everett Hatch), Ed Anderson, Paul Lamar and all those who have helped me 'see the light.'

Gaylen Lerohl

Updated: May-07       Hometown: Alexandria, MN      Aircraft: RV-8     Engine: 13B, Turbo rotor housings      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:55 hours May 2007      Completion Year:2006     Comments:See pictures on Tracys website Sirocco water radiator, stock oil cooler mounted below engine. Wedge air intake exits bottom of cowl.

Jim Maher

Updated: Nov-06       Hometown: Westfield, MA      Aircraft: Dyke Delta     Engine: 13B, Atkins built with short intake.      Turbo:N     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:Ross     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:First flight today without significant issue      Completion Year:2006     Comments:The flight could not have gone any better and the aircraft and engine could not have performed more flawlessly than they did. After almost 11 years in the making and over 8000 hours of building time this was the day I dreamed of and it was better than I ever imagined.

Jim Mayfield

Updated: Jan-95       Hometown: Avondale, AZ      Aircraft: Custom, 2-place gyroplane     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:      EFI:No      PRSU:Ross 2.85:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:2700 + hrs      Completion Year:1994     Comments:See his article in Contact!

Steve McGowan

Updated: Mar-08       Hometown:        Aircraft: Gyrocopter     Engine: 12A      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Carb      PRSU:Ross     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Many hours flown      Completion Year:Many years ago     Comments:

Perry Mick

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: McMinnville, Oregon      Aircraft: Duckt (Long-EZ)     Engine: 13B, '86 NA, with '93 front parts and thrust bearings      Turbo:Not for Now     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Stock Mazda EFI      PRSU:Direct Drive     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:410 hrs      Completion Year:1999     Comments:See my website at http://www.ductedfan.com

Jim Mosur

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Caledon, Ont. Canada      Aircraft: RV 6     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:Up     EFI:      PRSU:Ross 2.17-1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:73 HRS.      Completion Year:Oct '98     Comments:I had not retired yet and owned my own business with machining and welding equip.,the motor was new , cheap and smooth as compared to a Lycosauruse. My freind Neil Kruiswyk also had a 13B in his Lancair 235 I was impressed, but I guess I really chose the engine because most people at the Brampton Flying Club said you had to be nuts to put any auto engine in a airplane and I'm just ornery enough to prove them wrong. Addendum: Jim Sold his plane and it later crashed due to reason unclear to me. (I think weather related).

Russell Nance

Updated: Feb-00       Hometown: Elgin      Aircraft: Air Command Tandem Gyroplane     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:New Horizons planetary reduction unit with 2.85 ratio.     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:250 hours      Completion Year:1998     Comments:Engine has custom exhaust system, webber 48 dcoe side draft with Atkins intake. Engine was built by Atkins and has proven flawless.

Arnold Norton

Updated: Mar-03       Hometown: Bakersfield, CA      Aircraft: Coot A     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:      PRSU:Welter belt drive     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Rebuilding wings      Completion Year:2003     Comments:Also Plan to install rotary on a Bearhawk

Oly Olson

Updated: Mar-08       Hometown: Wildwood, MO      Aircraft: Viggenite     Engine: 13B      Turbo:no     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Ellison Throttle Body replaced the 4 Kawasaki 750 carbs      PRSU:Ross 2.17     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying, currently 22 hours      Completion Year:2005     Comments:http://home.earthlink.net/~olyolson1/index.html has pictures and specs

Tom Parkes

Updated: Aug-03       Hometown: Prescott, AZ      Aircraft: Lancair ES     Engine: 20B      Turbo:Garrett TE-06 from an IO-520     Plugs:Standard     EFI:MicroTec      PRSU:Modified Ross redrive with 3' shorter bellhousing with thrust bearings and improved lubrication     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:60 hours as of 8-5-03      Completion Year:2003     Comments:40 hour Phase I FAA testing completed 7-26-03 Flew to Oshkosh AirVenture 2003. Turbo can produce 30 inches all the way up to 17,000 feet. Cooling fine. Needs a bigger prop.

Michael Perry

Updated: Feb-07       Hometown: Kissimmee      Aircraft: Long EX     Engine: 13B, 1987, intake is like Tracy's with cutdown mazda throttle body      Turbo:n     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RD-1A     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Now with 10 flight hours.      Completion Year:2006     Comments:It is a work in progress


Updated: Sep-00       Hometown: Wisconson      Aircraft: RV-6A     Engine: 13B, Peripheral Port      Turbo:no     Plugs:standard     EFI:Powersport      PRSU:Powersport     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:200+ hrs      Completion Year:2000     Comments:Probably the cleanest installation around. See their website (link on links page). They used to sell firewall forward packages for this 210 hp engine, but eventually went out of business.

John Prendergast

Updated: Oct-06       Hometown: Sterling, VA      Aircraft: RV-7A     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying 50 hours      Completion Year:2006     Comments:

Greg Richter

Updated: Apr-01       Hometown: Georga      Aircraft: Cozy MK II     Engine: 13B      Turbo:TO4 with intercooler     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flew for a while with the Turbo 13B then switched to a jet engine.      Completion Year:2001     Comments:See his excellent website at http://www.bluemountainavionics.com/greg/aircraft.html. Tons of great information there, Greg is a very interesting guy.

Lou Rubin

Updated: Feb-07       Hometown:       Aircraft: Lancair ES     Engine: 20B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying off Initial Hours      Completion Year:2006     Comments:Flying fine, working on a hydraulic c/s prop to work with Tracy's gear drive. That will replace the IVO Magnum that they are currently using.

Ted Ruffli

Updated: Jan-95       Hometown: Alaska      Aircraft: Piper Super Cub     Engine: 13B      Turbo:      Plugs:      EFI:      PRSU:Ross 2.85:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:40 + hrs (unknown)      Completion Year:1995     Comments:Performance equal to O-360

Joe Schifrel

Updated: Jul-04       Hometown: Fort Atkinson, WI      Aircraft: Velosity Elite RG     Engine: 13B Periforal Port by Powersport      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Powersoprt      PRSU:Powersport     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying      Completion Year:2003     Comments:See a picture at http://www.eaa.org/homebuilders/list/Velocity%20RG%20Elite_Schiferl.asp

John Slade

Updated: Jul-04       Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL - LNA      Aircraft: Cozy MK IV     Engine: 13BREW, '93 with street porting and 3mm seals      Turbo:91 Stock single stage     Plugs:Standard     EFI:Lamar cast intake, bends and runners seperate left and right tank pumps, filters and feeds to the rail electrical solenoid switched return      PRSU:RWS RD2A     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:8 hours flown… and counting      Completion Year:Spring 2004     Comments:Turbo engine with high compression rotors. Two stock '93 oil coolers. See his excellent website at http://canardaviation.com/cozy

Mark Steitle

Updated: Sep-08       Hometown: Lockhart, TX      Aircraft: Lancair ES     Engine: I used a n/a 20B with custom oil pan, intake, exhaust and converted to Renesis style CAS. RWS gearbox and a 76" M/T 3-blade electric c/s prop.      Turbo:No More, but maybe later     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS with EM2      PRSU:RWS RD-1C     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:First flight completed 8/23/07.  Flew great with lots of power, very smooth but a bit loud.      Completion Year:8//2007     Comments:Off-the-shelf intake and exhaust would be very helpful. Using dual batteries and dual alternators. Love the simplicity of the rotary engine. The 20B is a great engine with lots of power.  The only problem I encountered was borderline cooling, which has been resolved, and finding a muffler that will hold up to the rotary's beatings.

John Urbahn

Updated: Oct-03       Hometown:        Aircraft: RV-4     Engine: 13B      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:50hrs      Completion Year:2002     Comments:I had the first flight in my plane yesterday. It was great-however compared To my 65 Hp fly baby- the rate of climb on the RV-4 feels like getting shot from a gun. I had no problems with the engine or redrive. The plane just feels very agile, I just love the way it zips off to 2000 feet in no time. Anyway, I love my rotary engine.

Andrew Venable

Updated: Jan-00       Hometown: Clinton, Utah      Aircraft: Christavia Mk4, (highwing taildragger)     Engine: 13B, 1987      Turbo:No     Plugs:up     EFI:Carb: MA 4-5 ( off a Lyc O-360 )      PRSU:Ross 2.85:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:350 hrs      Completion Year:1994     Comments:Propellor: 350+ hours on a 4-blade Warp Drive. Currently testing a 3-blade IVO This is a great system.

Ken Welters

Updated: Feb-02       Hometown: Camas WA      Aircraft: Coot     Engine: 13B with street tear porting, 3mm apex seals, ceramic coated rotors and I also taper clearance cut the sides of the rotors      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI: 51mm Weber carb with mixture control      PRSU:is a cog belt unit that I make and sell     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Over 500 hrs      Completion Year:1995     Comments: I am also building my second plane that will be a high bred coot and this photo that I am sending is the engine package that will be on it, I installed it on my present coot and did 11 hrs of flight testing on it, it has clutches on both engines so that I can take off with both and shut the Rotax down for cruise or fire it up if the Mazda were to quit, the Rotax is a 670 snowmobile engine that puts out 125 hp. Other photos of my coot are on my web site. http://homepage.mac.com/rotarycoot/

Bob White

Updated: Jun-03       Hometown: Albuquerque, NM      Aircraft: BD-4     Engine: 13B by Bruce T.      Turbo:No     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS 2.85:1     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Flying      Completion Year:2006     Comments:http://www.bobwhite-abq.com/

Dale Williams

Updated: Aug-06       Hometown: Whitewater, WI      Aircraft: W-8 Tailwind     Engine: 13B, 1987 with standard RWS Mods      Turbo:N     Plugs:Standard     EFI:RWS      PRSU:RWS     Stage of Development/Hours Flown:Took my original W-8-removed Cont. C-85-Modfied existing motor mount to accept 13B-will be on gear shortly-now comes all the plumbing      Completion Year:2008     Comments:I first flew this W-8 in 1965-time for an engine change